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Life Happens.
Plans Change.
We Can Help.

Fee-Only Financial Guidance for Your Journey

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Is Your Life Taking a Turn?

As we move through our lives, we’re met with moments worth celebrating — but we’re also faced with unexpected obstacles. Difficult times often require us to make critical financial decisions, though it can be hard to know what the right avenue is. At Transitus Wealth, we’re dedicated to understanding your situation, your story, and creating a clear plan to help you move forward in confidence.

There Are Two Sides to Financial Planning:

The Human Part and the Wealth Part

We Meet You in the Middle


The “T” in our logo is for Transitus, meaning “transitions” in Latin. You and everything around you are always changing and evolving.

$ Decisions

Understanding your unique story, current situation, and wealth picture are the keys to making informed decisions that lead to your wellbeing.


The “W” in our logo stands for wealth, which encompasses your entire financial picture, from your retirement savings to your insurance and taxes. 

The Right Financial Choices Start Here 

What We Provide:

Magnifying glass

A Clarifying Process

The Transitus Process™ helps you reflect on your life moments, helps us understand what matters to you, and lays the groundwork for creating a financial solution.


Fee-Only Financial Planning

As fee-only fiduciaries, we do not receive commissions from investments. We are compensated directly by you and only offer guidance in your best interest.


A Dedicated Team

With CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Certified Financial Transitionist certifications, our team specializes in both the technical and the human side of financial decision-making.

What Are You Experiencing?

Whether you’re preparing for retirement or you’re experiencing a dramatic disruption in your life, our team wants to understand what you’re thinking and how you are feeling.

See How We Can Help

Living Better Begins Now

The Shaping Change Show

Retirement is a journey filled with surprises. Dive into our podcast for insight and guidance on how to increase your wealth and wellbeing.

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