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The Transitus Process™

Helping you navigate life with

Human-First Financial Guidance™

What to Expect

Personal financial planning is much more personal than financial. That’s why our process begins and ends with you. Together, we’ll talk through a series of questions to organize your thoughts, ideas and the decisions you’re facing. Then, to tie it all together, we discuss how you feel about your situation and different choices. This final step goes beyond traditional financial planning. As fiduciaries and fee-only financial planners, we help you make decisions in your best interest.

The Transitus Process™

Guiding You Through 4 Questions:

What circumstances are you experiencing? What are the details of your situation, both personally and financially?

What brought you to this point? What’s your story? What actions or life events led to here?

What options are you considering? What questions are you struggling with? What decisions are on your mind?

Are you thinking clearly or feel confused? Are you energized by life or feeling fatigued? How you feel influences what you think. Understanding both are necessary as we begin to address your financial situation.

Determining Clear Steps Forward

Once we understand your situation and state of mind, we help you prioritize. Using our Guide, tasks and decisions are identified as Now (urgent and important), Soon (important but not urgent), or Later (maybe important in the future).

Bridging the Two Sides of Your Life 

Through a Close Partnership

Our Certified Financial Transitionist® training helps us better understand you and how to navigate life-changing events. Being CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ practitioners enables us to skillfully address the financial side.

The right decision for one person may be the wrong decision for another, even when the financial details looks similar. No two people are the same, which is why our approach focuses on getting to know you and tying together your unique personal and financial needs.

What’s Going On?

Let us know — we’d love to help.

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